The Hollywood Tribune Editorial Policy

At The Hollywood Tribune, we follow strict editorial standards and aim to maintain unrivalled journalistic standards so that we can publish unique and quality content for our readers. All writers who create articles for The Hollywood Tribune are expected to submit only that content which is 100% original and their own work. We do not accept articles which are detected to be plagiarised, rewritten, scraped or spun from other published content available on the internet. At the time of joining our writer team, you enter into a contract with us to follow these guidelines.


We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply rigorous scrutiny to every news article on the site. Rumours and insider reports are appropriately distinguished from confirmed information.

We ensure the information is new and accurate before the article is written. We verify sources and always track the original source before work begins on the article. The information may be broadcasted by other outlets as being confirmed news but we still require 100% confirmation from our side as well. It has to be accurate and fact-checked.

THT editors report from the pop culture events that our readers (new and returning) love the most. We have strived to build a team consisting of passionate cinephiles, TV addicts, gamers, and comic book readers, who can write about what they love and actually know what they are talking about. The Hollywood Tribune team comes from diverse backgrounds, both geographically and academically. We believe that these factors play a major role in pushing us towards our goal of providing every reader of the website with unparalleled reading experience.

We Pursue Official Comments. Always.

Whenever we report about a rumour or leak or an announcement from non-official sources such as Reddit, Social, YouTube channels, etc, we reach out to a rep and/or studio public relations. Even if they cannot comment or don’t answer, we did attempt to know more about the situation in question. It is our policy to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to weigh-in. Our writers and editors are industry veterans – and it’s their job to make sure that every new article has the latest, most accurate and relevant information.

When we are the original source, we follow basic journalism principles, while also valuing the open line of dialogue with major studios, publishers, and PR firms.


We aim for accuracy of the information we publish, at all times. We also value transparency in corrections. If we update a post because we find an error post-publishing of the article, we add a bolded correction line in the article. We like to be accountable for our content- and to abide by the trusted journalism standard.

Updating Story Threads

We want to let the readers see the full picture, at all times. So, we update our content and add the newly available information into every article on that subject, so that when readers land on a particular page, they always know the full story. To facilitate this, whenever we post news or a feature, all previous stories/features on that subject are updated with links to the new post.

Ethics And Principles at The Hollywood Tribune

Our brand does not publish personal attacks against people and companies in the industries that we cover.

We abide by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, meaning that all video game reviews on our website must state which platform the game was played on and who provided the copy (if applicable). Regional or platform-specific considerations are also noted.

Giving Credit and Acquiring Written Permission

We always provide link credit to original sources unless the assets or news come from the official studio sources or their PR affiliates. We believe that we have a responsibility towards contributing to the online publishing ecosystem and follow the best journalism practices.
For images, non-official art, etc. we give credit to the artist and seek to contact them for permission to use their work.

Spoiler Considerations

For the previews, first-look or reviews that we publish, we always honour embargoes and save the spoilers that we may have received from sources, for when we have permission to post – or after release. If these are major or sensitive spoilers, we keep them out of headlines and images until we are sure that the readers are not exposed to any info they are not actively looking for.

We aren’t here to ruin the experience of Entertainment for our readers, but to serve and create for those looking for this content. If there are spoilers and publication occurs during the release window, a spoiler warning is always included on top of the article.

For corrections or update requests, please contact